The Association of International Experts (Tunisian and Foreign) brings together experts from all nations with people and skills in all fields without exception.
Its objectives are:
1 / To bring together, in a legal associative framework, persons of all competences ... society ... organization ... with experts and persons by virtue of their professional experience, competence and Renowned, carry out missions of expertise in different fields with an international dimension and to promote the international experience.
2 / To increase the contacts of experts between themselves and between the skills and the members, and to help all persons, companies, institutions to accede to the International thanks to our advice, aids, followings, trainings ...
3 / - To promote the quality and integrity of international expertise.
- To preserve collegial relations between the members of the association.
- Perfect, advise, assist, help skills to access to be national and international expert.
Our Association is a non-profit organization. She is Independent and Neutral.
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